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The Fab 15 Workout Review

fab15 greater than reeses

I pinned the Fab 15 Total Body Workout from Fit Fab Cities quite some time ago but only recently tried it out when I was needing some inspiration at the gym. And the verdict? You definitely need to add it to the repetoire!

I wanted to focus on cardio, but I also wanted a few strength moves to feel like I had made a decent attempt to burn off at least one of the Reese’s Chocolate Peanut Butter eggs I’ve consumed in the past week. Those things are chocolate crack.

I started with 20 minutes of cardio then did one round of the Fab 15 moves. Having my iPhone stop watch was clutch – and I was able to click back-and-forth from Pinterest to the watch throughout my workout. The workout kept my heart rate up with the cardio intervals, and most of my muscles felt fatiqued after one minute (i.e. one minute of push ups is usually not how I roll!). Next time, I will add some weight to the squats though.

I ended with some additional ab & glute work (I always feel particularly gross in those areas after a chocolate crack binge), and I walked away feeling like I had a great workout.

Do you plan on giving the Fab 15 Workout a try?


My Teasing Secret Weapon

Get yourself a Black Comb ASAP

Get yourself a Black Comb ASAP

As my blog title implies, I’m a Hair Teaser. So much so that I am frequently asked “How do you get your hair like that?” I was once asked at a networking event held at a funeral home if I was wearing a Bump-It. Yeah, I have that kind of tease.

I’ll let you in on my teasing secret: Black Comb. Yes, Black Comb is capitalized – she’s earned herself a proper noun.

Black Comb is with me always. Her small bristles allow for the perfect tease and the perfect smooth-over. And her pointed end allows for lifting sections of hair without messing up other areas. And best of all, Black Comb is 99 cents at Walmart.

Do yourself a favor and get one today. You won’t regret it!

The Accidental Stay At Home Mom

I started my second career by accident. My daughter was due around the start of 2012, and we were relocating to another state in May of that year. I thought it unfair to my employer to take two months maternity leave, come back for two months, then leave for good. But I also couldn’t fathom not working. Or life without my paycheck. So with a hope and a prayer and a nervous quiver in my voice, I asked my boss if I could work from home and bring the baby to the office when needed until I moved. Amazingly, he said yes.

In my naive, pre-baby head, I would work while my sweet newborn slept to her heart’s content. In reality, working from home turned into working when my husband got home and clocking in office hours from 6pm-midnight. It was crazy. It was exhausting. It was the best experience I’ve ever had.

I always imagined in those months of working from home, I would also be looking for work in our new city. I’d be researching daycares and interviewing potential caregivers on a weekly basis until I found the perfect one. I had spent four years accruing a network of business professionals, and I planned to utilize it to get my foot in the door in Nashville. But as the move date got closer, my thoughts began to change.

Surprisingly, I actually enjoyed the “home” part of working from home. I fell in love with having My Girl as my constant sidekick, relishing every sing-along and snuggle. And I had the best of both worlds – professional fulfillment and intense quality time with my baby. I became spoiled. And I would not have it any other way.

I interviewed here in Nashville but quickly realized the work-from-home option usually only occurs once you’ve proved yourself and earned some street credit from a current employer. But spending 40+ hours away from my baby simply was not an option anymore. My priorities had shifted.

Had I not had that work-from-home experience, I can confidently say I would not be where I am today. The thought of not working outside the home would simply have never crossed my mind. I had a working mother, and I just assumed that would be the path for me. But I did have that experience. And I did have some amazing moments to cross my mind.

And nearly a year later, here I am. I am living the life of the one thing I said I could never become: a stay at home mom. And I love it.


Welcome to Hair Teasing & Hair Bows! I’m Whitney – a Southern momma who loves all things babies & beauty, fitness & food, Pinterest projects & pop culture. This is a place to dish about those things and more.

I am an accidental stay-at-home mom to My Girl – a silly, strong-willed one year old. My Hubs and I relocated to Nashville recently (from Kentucky by way of Oklahoma), and we’re excited to plant some roots in our new hometown.

One of my signatures is my hair teasing abilities. My Girl is proving to be quite the fashionista and lives by the mantra “No Bow, No Go.” Therein lies the inspiration to “Hair Teasing & Hair Bows.”

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