The Fab 15 Workout Review

fab15 greater than reeses

I pinned the Fab 15 Total Body Workout from Fit Fab Cities quite some time ago but only recently tried it out when I was needing some inspiration at the gym. And the verdict? You definitely need to add it to the repetoire!

I wanted to focus on cardio, but I also wanted a few strength moves to feel like I had made a decent attempt to burn off at least one of the Reese’s Chocolate Peanut Butter eggs I’ve consumed in the past week. Those things are chocolate crack.

I started with 20 minutes of cardio then did one round of the Fab 15 moves. Having my iPhone stop watch was clutch – and I was able to click back-and-forth from Pinterest to the watch throughout my workout. The workout kept my heart rate up with the cardio intervals, and most of my muscles felt fatiqued after one minute (i.e. one minute of push ups is usually not how I roll!). Next time, I will add some weight to the squats though.

I ended with some additional ab & glute work (I always feel particularly gross in those areas after a chocolate crack binge), and I walked away feeling like I had a great workout.

Do you plan on giving the Fab 15 Workout a try?


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