Home Spun Fun: Pasta & Foil

This activity completely happened by accident. My Girl found an opened box of macaroni noodles & found a tin foil bread pan & went to town.

She was so captivated by this, we relocated to the living room once I had cleaned up the kitchen after breakfast. These good times continued for 30 minutes! And this kid is rarely occupied for more than 5-10. Maybe it was something about the noise created from the dry pasta & the foil? Who knows. But My Girl sure thought it was a hit.

Disclaimer: this activity is not for the faint of heart! I’m not stressed out by play messes, but this one even got me a little skiddish – especially once the dog started chomping on the fallen dry pasta, and I became paranoid he’d get a case of worms. Was anyone else told as a kid that eating dry pasta gives you worms? Or did I totally make this up?

Anywhoo, My Girl was happy and my dog seems healthy. Win, win.


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