Easy Peasy Mother’s Day Cards

My husband and I both come from blended families, so we’ve got a lot of mommas & grandmommas to recognize come Mother’s Day.  It’s awesome that My Girl is surrounded with so much love, but it can be a bit tricky to get nine cards together to send for the big day.  And pricey – nice cards these days are $4 a pop!

A few months ago I bought a massive pack of blank notecards & envelopes for $12 from Target.  It’s been awesome to have around for occasions such as this.  And since My Girl can now “color” (at least that’s what we’ll call it), she got in on the action this year.
note cards

I simply wrote “Happy Mother’s Day” on the note cards, let My Girl go to town, signed, sealed & delivered.  Simple and sweet – just the way we like it!
homemade cards


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