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Shaking My Head

Dear Hobby Lobby,

It’s June.

Every Reasonable Person Ever



Obsession: Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer

tarte concealer

I’ve got an 18 month old toddler and though I’m in my second trimester with Baby Dos, I have yet to rid myself of the first trimester energy slump. Needless to say, I look really, really tired. So off I went to Sephora to find a remedy for this problem, and boy did I find it!

Enter the Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer, aka heaven in a bottle.

Just a dap will do you – which is good, considering 0.28 ounces of this stuff costs $24. But it’s worth every shiny penny. It makes me look somewhat rested! A miracle at this point.

Home Spun Fun: Kiddie Pool Time

My sister and I are best friends.  We used to jokingly say our motto was, “We’re not just sisters, we’re best friends!”  But it’s totally true.  And we took the whole doing-everything-together thing to the next level when we had babies two months apart.  It’s been awesome for a lot of reasons and one of those is stress-free trips…whenever we travel to each other’s houses, we never have to pack toys, lug around a pack and play, or worry about whole milk being in stock.  Everything is already locked and loaded.

My sister’s crew came for a visit this weekend, and My Girl and my sweet nephew were the perfect playmates.  We decided to pull out the pool for the first time this summer, and they had a blast.  Who knew a $20 blow up pool and a garden hose could be so entertaining?

Kiddie Pool TimeDSC_0512Kiddie Pool TimeKiddie Pool Time

I made a lattice top!


There are a few things in life that truly intimidate me: one of those is going out in public without an ounce of makeup on (never happens) and the other is creating a lattice top on a pie crust. Though I love to bake, I automatically eliminate any recipe that calls for what I thought was such detailed pastry work.

But My Girl was asleep and My Hubs was not yet home from work, so there wasn’t anyone around to witness any disasters in lattice work. So I took the plunge and tried it today. And I succeeded! And it was actually easy. Apparently I’ve wasted a decade of potential recipes for fear of something that was quite simple.

I actually tried the lattice top on a casserole I pinned on Pinterest. 1) The recipe was delish. A must try if you’re in the market for some new supper time fun. I did, however, just use four tortillas instead of eight. It tasted great and brought down the calorie count. 2) It was pretty!

The Chicken Tortilla Bake recipe is over at Homemakers Daily, and I followed their lattice-top tutorial too. Check it out for yourself!

I’m Totally “That Mom”

You know when you become a mom and think back on all the silly assumptions you made that you now know are completely ridiculous?

I remember being in a friend’s car several pre-momma years ago, and I was shocked at the chaos of that car. Food was everywhere, toys were strewn about, clothes stuffed in every nook & cranny. I thought, “I’ll never be the mom whose car is like that.”

Enter reality as a momma, and my vehicle is evidence of me not knowing what life with a kiddo entailed a few years back. Food crumbs in the backseat are definitely one of them.

I actually cleaned out my car and discovered this many bottles & food canisters were laying about my floor boards! Shaking my head. I’m definitely the messy car momma I thought I’d never become!


Book Review: Going Clear

Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood & the Prison of BeliefThis wasn’t an official book club selection, but one of the ladies in the group recommended it as a read.  Totally intrigued by what little I knew about Scientology, I signed on to reading Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood & the Prison of Belief by Lawrence Wright.

Holy mackerel.  Shaking my head.  That’s pretty much my reaction to the book.

In my personal synopsis, Scientology was created by a mentally ill science fiction writer whose incredible charisma and writings eventually garnered him thousands of followers and millions of dollars.  The book details an alarming amount of physical and mental abuse throughout the “church,” and their ability to hound anyone who questions their motives – including the IRS – is incredible.  The entire time I kept thinking, “I can’t believe Tom Cruise is fully enthralled by this!”  It talks a lot about Tom and a few other celebrities like John Travolta, Kelly Preston and Kirsti Alley.  I always had a dislike for Nicole Kidman because I thought she somewhat abandoned her adopted children, but after reading this book, I think Scientology made them disconnect from her.

It is impossible to go into all the crazy Scientology encompasses (in my opinion), but if you are intrigued by the inner workings of the church, I’d recommend giving Going Clear a read!

Sums It Up

After waking up from a glorious two hour nap, I asked My Hubs what he and My Girl had been up to.

His response: “Just riding her emotions.”

And that, folks, is the perfect summary of time spent with a toddler.