Get Yourself a Learning Tower!

My Girl in her LearningTower
Where has this beautiful thing been my whole life? I’m talking about the Learning Tower – the best toddler tool ever!

Okay, I’ve only had this for a few days. And the novelty could wear off. But in those few days, I have been able to assemble and cook entire recipes while My Girl “cooks” along side me. I’ve never been able to have that kind of time to putter around in the kitchen before this baby came into my life! And she is getting introduced to cooking, new ingredients and gadgets that totally appeal to her senses. Win, win!

Now Learning Towers are expensive – $200 on Amazon right now. I found a great buy on Craigslist for $75, and there are instructions on how to construct one yourself for $40. So there are definitely options out there worth exploring. And if you’ve got a toddler, I’d recommend doing so!
My Girl in her Learning Tower
Yes, she has two hair bows in her hair. Because that’s how we roll.
My Girl in her Learning Tower


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