It’s a Boy!

Round two goes to team blue! We’re thrilled to be expecting a healthy baby boy this December. Seeing all of the adorable boy things at my friend’s Little Peanut Shower made me excited but also a bit overwhelmed. After nearly two years of hair bows, pink, & purses, the sight of frogs, blue & trucks threw me off a bit.

But if there’s one thing to launch a fury of excitement about all things boy, Pinterest would be it. The first boy thing I’m getting excited about and hope to tackle soon will be the nursery. My Girl caught us by surprise with an early debut, so I plan to get as many things accomplished as soon as possible the second time around.

So far, I’m digging these photos for inspiration…

Boy nursery colors

Two-tone changing table

Boy nursery artwork
I was leaning towards a navy color scheme, but after seeing the first photo I’m thinking about browns & greens. I also love the vintage map. Maybe I could use it in some sort of travel theme?

For My Girl’s nursery, we transformed a sad looking dresser off Craigslist into a beautiful piece of furniture she’ll have for years. I’m hoping to do the same here, and I really like the two-tone look of the second photo for a dresser/changing table.

And the rustic artwork behind the crib in the bottom picture is just too cute!

I’m sure I’ll keep pinning, so who knows what we’ll end up with. I’m getting more and more excited about all things boy!


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