The Greatest Thing My Mother Never Did

the greatest thing my mother never didWe all know of the pressures young girls face growing up, especially about looking a certain way and fitting a certain mold of what the world has decided is beautiful. And though I was certainly not immune to these outside pressures growing up, I had a role model to keep me grounded: my mom.

At home, I was never exposed to a woman second-guessing her body. Did she have insecure moments? She’s a human being, and I’m sure she did. Did she see changes in her body after having two kids? I’d think so, but I never heard a complaint about them. Did she undertake diets during my childhood? Probably, but I never saw evidence of it.

At the same time, she didn’t smother me with positive body messaging and tell me at every waking moment that I was beautiful and worthwhile and someone to be treasured. It was much more organic. It was much more simple. It was just a mom living by example.

Seeing my mom with a positive body image provided an awesome home base for me to grow my own healthy body ideas. While I’ve seen friends really struggle with the way they look, analyze every morsel of food they consume, and agonize over every imperfection, I’ve been pretty low key in that arena. I have always had a strong confidence in myself, sometimes dinged but never destroyed. And I know that stems from my mom showcasing that in herself.

Do I have insecure moments? I’m a human being, and I do. Do I see changes in my body after having a baby? Of course, but I strive not to complain about them. Will I undertake some sort of lifestyle change to lose the baby weight from my second pregnancy? Probably, but I will not allow my daughter to see evidence of it.

The greatest thing my mother never did was talk negatively about herself in front of me. And that’s one thing I hope to never do for my daughter too.


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