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Home Spun Fun: Paint Tape

Home Spun Fun: Paint Tape
As I’ve mentioned, we are in the midst of a total rearrange of our house to make room for baby boy. And one thing I really wanted to do before setting up the nursery/guest room was to paint. While technically I’m not supposed to paint our rental, I thought it wouldn’t be too bold of a move to paint the sterile white room with a light beige color – the same color the owner has in the bathrooms and living rooms. Not too crazy right? But enough to warm up the room a bit.

While prepping for said paint job, a realization was had: My Girl LOVES some tape. So attempting to be productive outside of My Girl’s nap time (which is 25 minutes on a typical day), I thought we could make an activity out of it too.

There was an attempt to talk about the differences in “short” pieces and “long” pieces, but we soon discovered long pieces are not our cup of tea. They get all bunched up and get caught in hair and produce toddler tantrums. So we stuck with all short pieces…
Home Spun Fun: Paint Tape
…which somehow made their way to this alarm clock.
Home Spun Fun: Paint Tape


So this is my house…

We’re in the midst of getting ready for baby boy, which means turning our house upside down. We’ve made one big move in turning the guest room/office into our master bedroom and switched the bathrooms around. The baby room/guest room is going to be in our old master bedroom. I have yet to touch moving the closets.

Our rental was built as a duplex, and when converted to a single family home, one little doorway was opened up between the two spaces. So we have two awkward living rooms, and one awkward room is going to become the new office space. It was previously a “sitting area,” which really was a pretty phrase for “area that collects furniture and random things.”

Big plans. 11 weeks to get them completed. And our house looks like this at the moment…

The chaos that is my house


Amateur Newborn Photo Shoot

Newborn Photo Shoot

As I recently mentioned, there’s a new nephew on the block. And fresh off my photography class, I thought I’d give newborn photos a try. The final results aren’t bad with just two photography classes under my belt! There were definitely some mishaps, but I came out with about 35 pictures worth sending to my sister. I lightly edited the photos, but having only the trial version and very basic knowledge of Lightroom on my hands, there wasn’t much sprucing up. Here are a few of my favs!
Newborn Photo Shoot from Hair Teasing & Hair Bows


I love this sweet expression…
Newborn Photo Shoot

Cannot believe I witnessed and captured this smirk…
Newborn Photo Shoot from Hair Teasing & Hair Bows

Newborn Photo Shoot from Hair Teasing & Hair Bows


The family photos with my nearly two year old nephew were definitely the most challenging. It probably didn’t help that we waited until 30 minutes before bedtime to do these! You live, and you learn. But we did get a few keepers, and below is my favorite…

Adventures in Photography

Nashville Photography Class
I’ve been attempting to learn my fancy camera (a Nikon D90) since My Girl’s birth nearly two years ago. I’d get on a roll learning a few things then not pick up the camera for a few weeks and forget everything I absorbed. Technical terms are not my specialty, and I was really struggling trying to remember the concepts of ISO, aperture and shutter speed. Realizing not much was happening on my own, I sought out a photography class here in Nashville.

Enter The Nashville Photography Class. Cleverly named, don’t you think?

I took the Camera Basics class, which went over the basics I had read about over and over again. But hearing someone explain it and physically going over it with my camera in hand was a total game changer. And just last week I was a part of the Lighting & Posing class – which included actual portrait sessions! We photographed a young couple then a young family with two year old twins. Capturing twinkie toddlers was a bit of a struggle for me, and there aren’t many pictures to write home about. But I did grab a few of the couple that I really like. And that I really learned from. Like that I really, really like a tilted shot (evidenced in picture one and two below). And that I really need to reel that in. But also that I really enjoy photographing people and capturing moments. And right now I’m learning that I really like to use the word “really.”

There is still so much to learn, but I really feel confident in the groundwork I have established in the past month with these two classes. If you’re in the Nashville area and looking to dig more into photography, I’d highly recommend the wonderfully named Whitney at The Nashville Photography Class!

Now another peak at some of my pics…
Nashville Photography Class

Nashville Photography Class

Nashville Photography Class

Nashville Photography Class

Nashville Photography Class

Nashville Photography Class

Stepping Out of My Polish Comfort Zone

There are just a few things I’m traditional about: etiquette, saving money and nail polish. I’m usually sporting one of three nail polish shades on my toes: pink, red or maroon. I have several varying shades of each, but that’s about as wild as I get. If I’m feeling especially saucy, I might even try out a dark plum/black. I’m crazy like that.

Enter the latest issue of Real Simple, and they said varying shades of mint green polish was the perfect transition color for summer to fall. With that fresh on my mind (and itching for a mid-pregnancy fashion statement), I grabbed a bottle of Sally Hansen’s Mint Sprint at my last trip to Target. About three weeks later, I found time to tend to my unsighlty tootsies. And this was the result…
Stepping Outside My Polish Comfort Zone
My Hubs’ response upon seeing my ballsy polish move was “Whoa. What’s going on here?!” Clearly not a fan. Though I’m not sure I am either. I wouldn’t hesitate rocking this polish on my finger nails for a fun night out, but it may be a bit loud of me to rock on my toes for weeks at a time. Because let’s be honest, I’ll be sporting this green until I make the time to tend to my toes again┬ámid-October.

But hey – at least I’m fully prepped for St. Patrick’s Day 2014. Silver linings, people. Silver linings.

A Visit to the Tennessee Aquarium

My bestie Kayce and I have a long distance relationship, but we keep it fresh by meeting up in new cities for our Whayce reunions. (We coined ourselves Whayce after deciding that if Victoria Beckham & Katie Holmes could be PoshKat, we deserved a moniker as well. Obviously, this was circa 2006.) Anywhoo, we’ve been to quite a few places on the map: New York, Dallas, Little Rock, St. Louis. We don’t discrimate on size or reputation. And this time we met up in Chattanooga, the perfect halfway point between her stomping grounds in Atlanta and my abode in Nashville.

My Girl was in tow, and we decided to check out the Tennessee Aquarium. It was a great way to spend a morning with a toddler – lots to see but not too much so that we were pressed for time to get everything in before an afternoon meltdown. My Girl loved the pools with the sting rays swimming around and was totally into the penguins.

The aquarium, however, was a different story. She would not go near it. The fish she was excited about seeing just an hour before were now completely off limits. That thing terrified her. But come to think of it – a dark room with weird music populated with creatures twice the size of you would be pretty intimidating to anyone, much less a 20 month old. So the aquarium part was a bust, but the ramps leading up to it were a hit!

I managed to get a few shots in before an all out protest to anything aquatic was established. We count small victories around here.
Trip to Tennessee Aquarium

Trip to Tennessee Aquarium

Trip to Tennessee Aquarium

Vegetarian Freezer Meals

Things were quiet on the blog last week because two special things happened: another sweet nephew was born and a trip to Chattanooga with my bestie was on the books.

My nephew arrived in quick fashion and was in the NICU for the length of my stay, so there aren’t any pictures to share at the moment. (He is now home and doing awesome – so pics are on the horizon during my next visit!) But while my sister was in the hospital recouperating, my mom and I got busy making her return home as fabulous as possible. My mom got her cleaning gloves on while I sported my chef’s hat.

The only challenge to making a lot of meals for my sister’s family is that my brother-in-law is a vegetarian. Apparently vegetarian freezer meals are not the most popular of Pinterest posts, and I knew everyone else would serve them up veggie lasagna. But I did manage to find a few non-lasagna keepers, and I thought I’d share for anyone else looking to feed a meatless crew!

My Vegetarian Freezer Meal List:
Calzones: I made pepperonni ones for my sis and veggie ones for her hubs filled with sauteed mushroom, onions and peppers.
Black Beans & Rice Cakes
Baked Ziti
Deep Dish Spinach Pie: The original post doesn’t include instructions for freezing and reheating, but my mom and I decided this would work…Thaw overnight, cover with foil and bake at 350 degrees until heated through.
Vegetable Enchiladas: I had a lot of filling leftover – should’ve bought more tortillas!

I also made a few breakfast items for them:
Cottage Cheese Pancakes
Sweet Potato Muffins
Apple Banana Muffins
Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Any good vegetarian freezer meals I’ve missed? Please share!