Vegetarian Freezer Meals

Things were quiet on the blog last week because two special things happened: another sweet nephew was born and a trip to Chattanooga with my bestie was on the books.

My nephew arrived in quick fashion and was in the NICU for the length of my stay, so there aren’t any pictures to share at the moment. (He is now home and doing awesome – so pics are on the horizon during my next visit!) But while my sister was in the hospital recouperating, my mom and I got busy making her return home as fabulous as possible. My mom got her cleaning gloves on while I sported my chef’s hat.

The only challenge to making a lot of meals for my sister’s family is that my brother-in-law is a vegetarian. Apparently vegetarian freezer meals are not the most popular of Pinterest posts, and I knew everyone else would serve them up veggie lasagna. But I did manage to find a few non-lasagna keepers, and I thought I’d share for anyone else looking to feed a meatless crew!

My Vegetarian Freezer Meal List:
Calzones: I made pepperonni ones for my sis and veggie ones for her hubs filled with sauteed mushroom, onions and peppers.
Black Beans & Rice Cakes
Baked Ziti
Deep Dish Spinach Pie: The original post doesn’t include instructions for freezing and reheating, but my mom and I decided this would work…Thaw overnight, cover with foil and bake at 350 degrees until heated through.
Vegetable Enchiladas: I had a lot of filling leftover – should’ve bought more tortillas!

I also made a few breakfast items for them:
Cottage Cheese Pancakes
Sweet Potato Muffins
Apple Banana Muffins
Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Any good vegetarian freezer meals I’ve missed? Please share!


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