A Visit to the Tennessee Aquarium

My bestie Kayce and I have a long distance relationship, but we keep it fresh by meeting up in new cities for our Whayce reunions. (We coined ourselves Whayce after deciding that if Victoria Beckham & Katie Holmes could be PoshKat, we deserved a moniker as well. Obviously, this was circa 2006.) Anywhoo, we’ve been to quite a few places on the map: New York, Dallas, Little Rock, St. Louis. We don’t discrimate on size or reputation. And this time we met up in Chattanooga, the perfect halfway point between her stomping grounds in Atlanta and my abode in Nashville.

My Girl was in tow, and we decided to check out the Tennessee Aquarium. It was a great way to spend a morning with a toddler – lots to see but not too much so that we were pressed for time to get everything in before an afternoon meltdown. My Girl loved the pools with the sting rays swimming around and was totally into the penguins.

The aquarium, however, was a different story. She would not go near it. The fish she was excited about seeing just an hour before were now completely off limits. That thing terrified her. But come to think of it – a dark room with weird music populated with creatures twice the size of you would be pretty intimidating to anyone, much less a 20 month old. So the aquarium part was a bust, but the ramps leading up to it were a hit!

I managed to get a few shots in before an all out protest to anything aquatic was established. We count small victories around here.
Trip to Tennessee Aquarium

Trip to Tennessee Aquarium

Trip to Tennessee Aquarium


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