Stepping Out of My Polish Comfort Zone

There are just a few things I’m traditional about: etiquette, saving money and nail polish. I’m usually sporting one of three nail polish shades on my toes: pink, red or maroon. I have several varying shades of each, but that’s about as wild as I get. If I’m feeling especially saucy, I might even try out a dark plum/black. I’m crazy like that.

Enter the latest issue of Real Simple, and they said varying shades of mint green polish was the perfect transition color for summer to fall. With that fresh on my mind (and itching for a mid-pregnancy fashion statement), I grabbed a bottle of Sally Hansen’s Mint Sprint at my last trip to Target. About three weeks later, I found time to tend to my unsighlty tootsies. And this was the result…
Stepping Outside My Polish Comfort Zone
My Hubs’ response upon seeing my ballsy polish move was “Whoa. What’s going on here?!” Clearly not a fan. Though I’m not sure I am either. I wouldn’t hesitate rocking this polish on my finger nails for a fun night out, but it may be a bit loud of me to rock on my toes for weeks at a time. Because let’s be honest, I’ll be sporting this green until I make the time to tend to my toes again mid-October.

But hey – at least I’m fully prepped for St. Patrick’s Day 2014. Silver linings, people. Silver linings.


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