Exercising When Pregnant

Super Fit Mama Pregnancy Book
During my first pregnancy, I had some pretty hard core morning sickness the first 16 weeks. And, oddly, the only thing that gave me any relief was exercising. I don’t know if it actually alleviated any symptoms or if it just took my mind off them, but hopping on the treadmill was the only escape.

Wanting to continue exercising throughout my pregnancy and also wanting to be mindful that I was responsible for a human being growing inside of me, I sought out a lot of different pregnancy workout books, websites and DVDs (along with my doctor’s advice, of course). The hands-down best resource I found was this little gem – Super Fit Mama: Stay Fit During Pregnancy and Get Your Body Back After Pregnancy by Tracey Mallett.

This book is loaded with great information: exercises tailored to each trimester, ab exercises (I had no idea until this book that you could work on your abs during pregnancy), recipes, and tips on getting back in shape after baby arrives. Some of the exercises didn’t seem too intense while I was completing them, but I would be sore the next day. That’s when you know you’ve got a pregnancy workout keeper! I have continued utilizing her moves during my second pregnancy too.

I feel like exercising throughout my pregnancy definitely helped me get back into the groove after I had My Girl. (Time will tell if that will hold true for Baby #2!) Not only did I appreciate exercising throughout my pregnancy from the physical aspect, I think it was really helpful to keep myself accountable mentally as well. It wasn’t complete drudgery getting back into a workout routine after giving birth since I never really stopped. It also helped that I had a crazy weight-obsessed doctor who told me a walk around the block wasn’t going to do me any good. (I appreciated this, but I don’t think she’d be the doctor for everyone!)

So if you are wanting to get up with your routine while growing that bump, I highly recommend giving Super Fit Mama a shot!


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