Colorful Paint Chip Mobile & DIY Artwork

Round two of reminiscing about My Girl’s nursery projects! Next up: the Paint Chip Mobile & DIY Artwork that hangs above her crib.
If you’ve been on Pinterest for awhile, I’m sure you’ve seen the Paint Chip mobile floating around. The particular one that served as my inspiration was this one from The Sweetest Occasion:
pinterest paint chip mobile

I wanted to make My Girl’s more colorful, so I straight up raided my local Home Depot on a regular basis for various colors of paint chips. I remember my paranoid walk of shame out of the store, completely convinced someone was going to stop me for my pseudo-theft. I actually paid for the lamp shade at Goodwill ($3), which after stripping the shade part, served as the frame for my mobile. The priciest splurge on this project was a scallop circle hole puncher from Michael’s, which was maybe $5 with a coupon. So this project is definitely a cute one on the cheap!


Behind the mobile, I created some DIY artwork. I really wanted the wording “Bonne Nuit” above My Girl’s crib – Good Night in French – but the only stencils I could find ran about $40. No merci. So I created my own by printing out the words on regular printer paper, tracing them onto plastic sheets, then Exacto-knifing the letters from the sheets. The scrolling above and below the words is from a store-bought stencil. You can definitely tell I was figuring things out on my first try with “Bonne” while my second attempt on “Nuit” looks much better!


I really love how these served as a great backdrop during My Girl’s one year photo shoot! (Photo by Stephanie Marie Photographie)
My Girl in her Crib
And just a sweet story to share about the quilt hanging over her crib: my husband’s paternal grandmother – who passed several years ago – was an avid crocheter. She had started some of these squares before her passing & my husband actually remembers her working on them. For My Girl’s arrival, his sweet maternal grandmother created identical squares and created a blanket infusing both of their work. Now My Girl has an amazing memento from those who came before her – one she’s met, and one she’s yet to meet. Tear!

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