Baby Girl Nursery Rocker Revamp

Rocker Revamp Before & After
I wanted a “Bright Vintage” vibe for My Girl’s nursery. And when planning said nursery, I was just getting into Pinterest. So of course that site convinced me I could pretty much transform anything vintage into a remarkable piece, like this sweet brown velour rocker I found at Goodwill. Now when the guy loading your truck at Goodwill says you got a steal on a piece of furniture, you definitely know you’ve scored a winner. This guy was $25. And he looked every bit the part. But I had big dreams.

Now I can take credit for the Goodwill find & the idea, but My Hubs gets full credit for the end result. Add in the $5 foot stool I found at a thrift shop then reupholstered, I say that was $30 well spent! Two years later, they’re both holding up well (albeit with some crayon markings for some added personality).
Rocker Revamp - Before

Rocker Revamp - After

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