Pottery Barn-Inspired Jingle Pillow

Pottery Barn Inspired Jingle PillowOne I saw the Jingle pillow in the Pottery Barn catalog, I knew it would be a Christmas present perfect for my stepmom. But I didn’t want to spend $39.95 on something I was pretty sure I could make for under $8. And I enjoy making such things – though I must admit gifting a homemade craft can make me a little anxious when it comes to actually giving it to someone! But this was worth the shot.

I don’t know if this can be called a “knock off” since I took a lot of liberties with it. I mostly took the idea as inspiration and ran with it. I skipped the burlap…I love the burlap look, but I think it is perhaps one of the worst materials to put on a couch. So uncomfy! I used muslin instead. I had a 12×16 pillow on hand, so I used that instead of a longer lumbar pillow. And to go with a softer fabric, I went with a softer font with more curves.

I’m pretty pleased with it! I hope she will be too. And I’m pretty sure she doesn’t read this blog…but if she does, Merry Christmas Jerriann!
Pottery Barn Inspired Jingle Pillow


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