The 8 Week Mark

It’s here: the eight week postpartum mark. I feel I’m out of the Survival Mode gutter (most days) and kind of feel like I know what I’m doing with a toddler and a baby. So now it’s time to put a little focus on myself and my issue at hand: baby weight. Sigh. The baby weight.

With My Girl, losing the weight was pretty easy. It kind of just fell off and I was able to button my pre-baby jeans two weeks after delivery. Eight weeks after having My Bear and those same jeans won’t go past my thighs.

The difference in my post-baby circumstances is for several reasons: I carried my second four weeks longer than my first and definitely put on those last month pregnancy pounds; I was having contractions after our Disney trip and was told to “rest” the remainder of my pregnancy (aka no more working out); I didn’t have a doctor who made me cry over my weight gain & therefore I didn’t feel pressured to count calories like I did with my first (shamefully so); and, to be honest, I didn’t have an aversion to sweets like I did with My Girl and I definitely indulged in my love for brownies.  And I’m sure being in my 30s and having a second kid haven’t worked in my favor either.

Ok, ending personal therapy session.

So here I am, faced with having to lose a large amount of weight for the first time in my life. It seems overwhelming. But it also seems exciting to have that challenge. I’m incredibly excited to work my butt off at the gym (literally) , a little less so about giving up my brownies. But I’m ready.

And I know myself: I can be extremely disciplined with clean eating and exercise when I have a game plan.  So here it goes…

Go to the gym three days a week.
I don’t have the pre-baby luxury of dictating my own time that allows for a stringent gym schedule anymore, but I know I can make three days a week work. It’s doable. And enjoyable. The gym is my release like shopping is for others.

Move everyday.
If I don’t make it to the gym, I will walk my dog. If that doesn’t happen, I will have a dance party with my toddler and do squats while bouncing my baby. Maybe I’ll do all three. Movement is crucial.

Eat five servings of fruit and vegetables everyday.
I have been in the bad habit of just grabbing a handful of crackers whenever I’m hungry. I need to start grabbing an apple instead.  It is time to refocus on clean foods again!

No fast food.
Ending a long stretch of very little fast food (I’m talking years here), I got in the horrible habit of hitting up the Chick-fil-a down the street during Survival Mode. No more. Just no more.

No daily chocolate.
My entire adult life, I’ve had chocolate everyday. A little bit (usually two Dove squares) would keep me from going overboard. But my ability to stop at a little bit seems to have disappeared for the time being (two Dove squares turned into ten). So it’s bye bye daily indulgence until I can enjoy it responsibly.

Water. Water. Water.
Drink at least 100 ounces everyday. This is needed in general, but especially needed to keep up my milk supply as I get back to the gym (this kid is actually nursing!).

So there it is: my bye bye baby weight game plan. My before pictures have been snapped – maybe I’ll have the guts to post them soon – and my fridge is stocked with clean foods. I’m pumped to get started!


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