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Home Spun Fun: Ribbon Bracelets

What to do when you’ve got an antsy toddler & a baby who is down for a nap? Make ribbon bracelets!

All you need is some ribbon, needle & thread and scissors. My two year old loved the idea of making jewelry “out of hair bows” (also known as ribbon), and she was particularly stoked about helping to cut the hair bows with scissors (with my help of course). Getting to dictate which colors to use was also a big hit. This kept us entertained for a good half hour, and we’ve got some added gear for our dress up box! Score.ribbon bracelets


Friend Photos

In my quest to becoming a better photographer, I decided it was time to take my show on the road. So I enlisted a friend with two adorable boys to be my guinea pigs. My Girl was happy to have the modeling day off, I do believe.

I’ve been needing to work on my focusing skills with moving subjects – like a three year old and an eleven month old on the move. By using my burst mode and back button focus, things are beginning to improve. Eyes are looking crisper in some (but not all!) of my shots. I’m experimenting in Lightroom as well – hence the different variations of editing.

Here are the results!
friend photos

friend photos from hair teasing and hair bows

friend photos from hair teasing and hair bows

friend photos from hair teasing and hair bows

friend photos from hair teasing and hair bows

friend photos from hair teasing and hair bows

This one is not technically sound, but I love love love his eyes catching the dog’s attempt!friend photos from hair teasing and hair bows

Blue Apron Review

blue-apronHave you heard of this meal planning/delivery service called Blue Apron? Maybe you’ve had their sponsored link pop up in your Facebook feed? I heard about it through a friend who was sweet enough to send me a free trial. So I gave it a whirl. And the results are mixed.

If you are a foodie, this is for you. If you have a two year old and a three month old, I wouldn’t suggest it. If you’re somewhere in between, I’d say it is worth a shot!

The awesome thing about Blue Apron is that your meal planning is done for you. No more worrying about what you can pull together from your fridge at the last minute. Blue Apron takes care of that for you by sending your three meals right to your door with all ingredients perfectly measured & packaged and instructions clearly written. It was exciting to try out different things I never would have attempted on my own too – like freekeh and escarole. And it helped me prepare brussel sprouts in a way My Girl enjoyed!

The not-so-awesome thing about Blue Apron is that those ingredients have to be chopped and minced and juilienned and blanched and sautéed and on and on and on. I made six meals from Blue Apron and each one took at least an hour from start to finish. Again, if the kitchen is your zen zone and chopping is your stress reliever, this could be ah-mazing for you. But if you’ve only got a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode amount of time to get dinner prepped, it is a bit tricky.

The Blue Apron food was pretty tasty and wonderfully convenient. The meal prep time was not. But if you’re curious, I would say it is worth a $60 shot. Let me know your thoughts if you give it a whirl!

Country Girl in the Big City

country girl in the big city

I still find it a little bizarre that my kids will grow up in a big city…Nashville being big by my hometown standards. But My Girl will have no shortage of country girl experiences if her Daddy has anything to do with it. Here she is chopping wood and wearing her “work gloves” just like Daddy. As my husband put it, it was a “Top Ten kind of day.”

country girl in the big city

country girl in the big city

12 Week Musings

On my mind at the 12 week mark:

How long is it acceptable to keep your baby in PJs all day?

Yoga pants and a Lands End sweatshirt count as appropriate errand-running gear, right?

It’s actually good for hardwood floors to rarely be mopped, so I hear?

How is it possible to be beyond the brink obsessed with a tiny human being I’ve only known for 12 short weeks? Swoon.

Click Click

I’ve made a vow to take as many pictures of my second kid as I have my first. Perhaps I have a complex about an incomplete baby book and few baby pictures of little Whitney, being the second child myself. Whatever the case, it has given me reason to work on my photography skills and to get shooting both my babies. Here are some of my latest pics!
DSC_1007_BW (1 of 1)-6
DSC_1007_BW (1 of 1)-4
Edit with face highlight (1 of 1)
DSC_1007_BW (1 of 1)DSC_0114DSC_0421-2