Home Spun Fun: Flower Play

My two and half year old daughter loves flowers. And when some marigolds (Maybe? I need to ask my mom.) popped up in our front yard, they were ripe for the home spun fun picking.
Home Spun Fun: Flower Play
We picked through our front yard & brought in a basket full of flowers. Then we got three containers – a circular, rectangular & square vase – and played around with moving them back and forth. But when it was all said & done, nothing can keep My Girl away from pink. Pink + Flowers = a match made in two year old girl heaven. The only problem now? She thinks all front yard flowers are fair game.

Here she is showing off her finished product!
Home Spun Fun: Flower Play


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2 thoughts on “Home Spun Fun: Flower Play

  1. Natalie August 21, 2014 at 9:00 am Reply

    Those are lilies! Pretty!

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