Potty Princess Panty Party!

Potty Princess Panty PartyPotty training. I had been dreading that parenting right of passage for quite some time. But once My Girl announced, “I don’t want to wear diapers,” I had to listen.

So we embarked on the weekend potty training lock down & followed the method in Toilet Training in Less Than A Day – or at least the first half of the book I managed to read. But it worked! We pumped her full of juice & she had plenty of practice. Number Twos took a little longer to catch onto, but all was running smoothly by Day 3 (with a little help from the iPad & the promise of a cupcake) and my daughter was proudly announcing “I’m a Potty Princess!” And she earned her Potty Princess Panty Party.

Potty Princess Panty Party

Potty Princess Panty Party

Potty Princess Panty Party

We gathered up fellow potty princesses & invited them over (along with one lucky potty pirate in training) for cupcakes & fun. Each guest “brought” My Girl some panties (wrapped & waiting for them when the guests walked in), and she was totally stoked to see new panties featuring Sofia, Minnie Mouse & Elsa.

Tomorrow will mark her first day in panties at school! Hopefully it will be smooth sailing for this proud Potty Princess.

Potty Princess Panty Party


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