An Old Friend & Her New Baby

It was 2001. I just arrived in Florida for my first big girl adventure in the Walt Disney World College Program & looking over my first “apartment” that I would be sharing with five strangers for the summer. One of those strangers and I would head out on the town that night and be the last ones standing. Actually, we’d be the last ones walking home on the highway and being picked up by a cop who escorted us home. But that’s neither here nor there.

This girl & I have celebrated 21st birthdays, graduations, marriages & babies. We actually shared a BED in a one bedroom apartment for a summer in Vegas. We’ve been around the block together. And our newest story involves a trip to her home in New Hampshire, playing with her two year old & meeting her new baby. And I had the pleasure of photographing it all. These photos make my heart sing!

baby ana-2-2 baby ana-3 baby ana-4 baby ana-11 babyana-10 babyana-12 babyana-23

babyana-30 babyana-31 babyana-32 babyana-33 babyana-35 babyana-49 babyana-54 babyana-57 babyana-59 baby ana-74


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One thought on “An Old Friend & Her New Baby

  1. Sara July 22, 2015 at 6:15 am Reply

    Love. Love. Love. 🙂

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