Monthly Archives: August 2015

Self Portrait

I am inspired by self portraits, but I cannot nail one for the life of me. And I don’t try them very often because I am not “portrait ready” in my everyday life. So I took a cue from my girl Natalie and tried one with little makeup & messy hair, straight from the gym. Liberation! This portrait is far from amazing, but at least I’ve got a jump off point to work from now.

Location: my kids’ bathroom. Ha!

self portrait


A Princess Playdate

More friends over, more friend pictures! Do little girls in princess dresses ever get old?

everydaylife0815-34 everydaylife0815-49 everydaylife0815-57

Makeup Mavens

Oh don’t mind us…just some tots giving makeovers.everydaylife0815-4 everydaylife0815-9

Crossing State Lines for a Play Date

When your friend moves to Alabama, you make the trek across the state line for a play date. When you’re a photographer, you take photos of said play date. Here they are in all their rough, tumble & tiara’d glory. Such fun little girls!

untitled-10 untitled-14

untitled-16  untitled-18 untitled-21