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Four toddlers went on a hike…

My sister’s family was in town, and we decided to take the kiddos on a little hike around Lake Radnor here in Nashville. My photography challenge for the month is took take long shots & macro shots to create a story, and this was the perfect opportunity to practice. The white balance got a little wonky with all the different lighting situations, but I think we got some keepers.

radnor with strobos-2 radnor with strobos-3 radnor with strobos-5 radnor with strobos-9 radnor with strobos-10 radnor with strobos-12 radnor with strobos-14 radnor with strobos-15 radnor with strobos-17 radnor with strobos-19 radnor with strobos-25 radnor with strobos-33 radnor with strobos-36

radnor with strobos-6radnor with strobos-38


It’s Been Awhile…

That’s an understatement. But I’m back!

I was MIA because my second baby wasn’t a fan of night sleeping. Blogging took a backseat to sleeping – and photography! My hobby has become a obsession, a very expensive & time-consuming obsession. For an early birthday present, I upgraded my camera from Nikon D90 to a Nikon D750! Guys, I’m legit now. And I started a year-long photography challenge that has already helped me grow in just three short months. Though I’m struggling to find “my style,” I hope that will come with more shooting.

So I figured if I’m spending so much time on something, might as well post it for peeps to see! I’ve trying to capture everyday life with my kiddos. Here are a few of my favorites from this month of shooting…

photography 1 photography


everyday_0315 (1 of 56) everyday_0315 (3 of 56) everyday_0315 (8 of 56) everyday_0315 (10 of 56) everyday_0315 (13 of 56) everyday_0315 (37 of 56) everyday_0315 (44 of 56) everyday_0315 (50 of 56) everyday_0315 (54 of 56)

Potty Princess Panty Party!

Potty Princess Panty PartyPotty training. I had been dreading that parenting right of passage for quite some time. But once My Girl announced, “I don’t want to wear diapers,” I had to listen.

So we embarked on the weekend potty training lock down & followed the method in Toilet Training in Less Than A Day – or at least the first half of the book I managed to read. But it worked! We pumped her full of juice & she had plenty of practice. Number Twos took a little longer to catch onto, but all was running smoothly by Day 3 (with a little help from the iPad & the promise of a cupcake) and my daughter was proudly announcing “I’m a Potty Princess!” And she earned her Potty Princess Panty Party.

Potty Princess Panty Party

Potty Princess Panty Party

Potty Princess Panty Party

We gathered up fellow potty princesses & invited them over (along with one lucky potty pirate in training) for cupcakes & fun. Each guest “brought” My Girl some panties (wrapped & waiting for them when the guests walked in), and she was totally stoked to see new panties featuring Sofia, Minnie Mouse & Elsa.

Tomorrow will mark her first day in panties at school! Hopefully it will be smooth sailing for this proud Potty Princess.

Potty Princess Panty Party

Home Spun Fun: Flower Play

My two and half year old daughter loves flowers. And when some marigolds (Maybe? I need to ask my mom.) popped up in our front yard, they were ripe for the home spun fun picking.
Home Spun Fun: Flower Play
We picked through our front yard & brought in a basket full of flowers. Then we got three containers – a circular, rectangular & square vase – and played around with moving them back and forth. But when it was all said & done, nothing can keep My Girl away from pink. Pink + Flowers = a match made in two year old girl heaven. The only problem now? She thinks all front yard flowers are fair game.

Here she is showing off her finished product!
Home Spun Fun: Flower Play

What I Learned This Weekend…

What did I learn this weekend? To never, ever leave my camera at home!

We took a trip to my in-laws this weekend, who just happen to live out in the country surrounded by cornfields – or the pretty corn house, as My Girl called it. It was the perfect cloudy day, I had an adorable little girl wearing a maxi dress, walking around barefoot, exploring, playing in the gravel – but didn’t have anything but my iPhone to capture some shots.

pretty corn house

Then we had some country fun & took a ride down the tarp-and-hay water slide, with a beautiful evening sky lighting up the background. But my trusty ol’ DSLR was sitting on my kitchen counter in Nashville.

country waterslide

At least I got some shots to keep the memories – and I suppose there’s something to be said for taking in the moment & not spending time getting my settings just right. But the photographer in me spent a great deal of the evening considering which angles I would’ve gotten, which smiles I would have loved to have captured. You live, and you learn. And I learned running back into the house once you remember your forgotten camera is worth the hassle!

When You Have a Colicky Baby…

It is hard to believe just four short months ago, this handsome blueberry-stained gem of a baby brought me to my knees. Literally.
When you have a colicky baby
After a day of him screaming for literally six straight hours – the only reprieve when nursing, I walked into my kitchen at 8 o’clock in the evening and had a breakdown. I thought “If I have one more night of two hours of sleep after a day like today, I will not make it.” I dropped to my knees and began sobbing. My husband, not sure what to make of the blubbering mess lying on the kitchen floor in front of him, just asked what was wrong. I simply stated: “I am just so tired.” I then called my mom, managing to state through my sobs, “He just cries. He just cries all day.”

You see, I had a colicky baby. And unless you’ve had a colicky baby yourself, you have absolutely no idea what a colicky baby is like. You haven’t experienced the six straight hours of crying. You don’t know the difference between “fussy” and “colicky.” You can’t comprehend the toll it takes on a mom (and a dad and a big sister). But those non-colicky baby people think they do, bless their hearts, and they’ve got a lot of answers for you. Here are a few things you get to hear when you have a colicky baby…

“He’s probably just hungry. You should give him some formula.”
This was the most heard of them all. Apparently when a baby cries, the only answer is to feed him. And to feed him formula. It seemed popular belief that my body just wasn’t able to keep up with my baby’s needs and that something from a can was the golden ticket. In a moment of exhaustion and desperation, I gave in to this pressure and gave him some formula. It did nothing. Because he was a colicky baby.

“You should take him to the doctor.”
Ok, valid recommendation. But did you really think I spent four straight months with a screaming infant without reaching out to a professional who deals with babies on a daily basis? If I hadn’t, you’d have full permission to take me to the loony bin. If my colicky baby didn’t send me there first.

“It is probably acid reflux.”
Again, valid recommendation. But most moms have access to the internet. And moms of colicky babies spend lots of time trolling baby sites looking for answers. And when your kid doesn’t have acid reflux symptoms, it is not acid reflux. I promise. It is colic.

“Babies ONLY cry when they’re hungry, tired or need a diaper change.”
If you’ve had a colicky baby, you know to just laugh and laugh and laugh at this. And then give said person the evil eye while wishing a colicky baby on her. (Just kidding – I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.)

So what do you say to the mom of a colicky baby? “I’m so sorry, that must be really tough.”

Or if you’ve been there yourself, you can give her the truth: “Nothing works but time. It will end. You will see smiles replace the screams around the four month mark. Hang in there.”

And ear plugs. Give her some good ear plugs.

Painted Canvas Baby Shower Activity

Painting Canvas Baby Shower Activity
Remember that surprise shower I threw for my sister awhile back? Well that baby boy we were prepping for will be one this month. Time sure does fly!

So I thought it was time to add an update to the shower “game” we played. We decided to forgo the standard game & to decorate baby boy’s room instead. Each guest, armed with craft paint & stencils, painted a small canvas, which was then combined to create a collage over my nephew’s crib.

Here is the rundown…
Baby shower activity

Working on the canvases

The finished canvases

And the final product!

I envisioned the canvases glued to two or three ribbons to hang on the wall or each one hung individually in a neat pattern. But I love what my sister and her husband came up with! This is a really versatile activity that allows guests to mingle throughout the shower – and the momma gets some personalized artwork to boot. Win, win!