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Home Spun Fun: Flower Play

My two and half year old daughter loves flowers. And when some marigolds (Maybe? I need to ask my mom.) popped up in our front yard, they were ripe for the home spun fun picking.
Home Spun Fun: Flower Play
We picked through our front yard & brought in a basket full of flowers. Then we got three containers – a circular, rectangular & square vase – and played around with moving them back and forth. But when it was all said & done, nothing can keep My Girl away from pink. Pink + Flowers = a match made in two year old girl heaven. The only problem now? She thinks all front yard flowers are fair game.

Here she is showing off her finished product!
Home Spun Fun: Flower Play


Painted Canvas Baby Shower Activity

Painting Canvas Baby Shower Activity
Remember that surprise shower I threw for my sister awhile back? Well that baby boy we were prepping for will be one this month. Time sure does fly!

So I thought it was time to add an update to the shower “game” we played. We decided to forgo the standard game & to decorate baby boy’s room instead. Each guest, armed with craft paint & stencils, painted a small canvas, which was then combined to create a collage over my nephew’s crib.

Here is the rundown…
Baby shower activity

Working on the canvases

The finished canvases

And the final product!

I envisioned the canvases glued to two or three ribbons to hang on the wall or each one hung individually in a neat pattern. But I love what my sister and her husband came up with! This is a really versatile activity that allows guests to mingle throughout the shower – and the momma gets some personalized artwork to boot. Win, win!

Home Spun Fun: Toy Bath

How do you keep a toddler entertained while you need to get some stuff done in the kitchen?

Set up a toy bath station, that’s how.

We got a couple bowls, some suds, washcloth & towels, and we were off. (In the Learning Tower…we’re still loving that thing.) Then after proper drying time, it was time to put them to bed. I knew there was a reason I kept a cubby full of burp clothes and blankets around!

A little messy but a good time had by all.


Before & After: Play House

I snagged this play house on Craigslist. It was rough looking, but it wasn’t expensive. I originally had planned to keep it in its rough state; after all, it was going to sit outside for the rest of its eternity. But once we moved into our new house & I could see it while standing in my kitchen, I decided to make it a bit more pleasing to the eye.
My intention was to have a gender-neutral color palate since our family consists of a boy and a girl. But My Girl made the trip to Home Depot with me and was pretty adamant on pink being the main player in our rehabbing story. So I grabbed some pink, green, white & turquoise Krylon spray paint made for plastic. I applied several thin coats (or at least attempted to be light-handed), but some paint still chipped off when I was piecing it back together. But otherwise, the paint held up pretty well.

And while I stood back and admired my handy work, My Girl promptly chalked it.

Home Spun Fun: Cardboard Post Office

Oh the joys of having a massive cardboard box around! It is reason enough to buy a big piece of furniture: the cardboard loot is a payoff all its own.

We had this box out for a week, and it had all kinds of uses. The one that kept My Girl’s attention the longest? The post office.

We simply cut a flap into the side of the box and went to town. Everything in sight was being shipped somewhere: letters, books, dolls. There was an attempt to mail a chair, but that proved too great an ambition. And proved tantrum-worthy as well. A day in the life of a toddler…


Home Spun Fun: Ribbon Bracelets

What to do when you’ve got an antsy toddler & a baby who is down for a nap? Make ribbon bracelets!

All you need is some ribbon, needle & thread and scissors. My two year old loved the idea of making jewelry “out of hair bows” (also known as ribbon), and she was particularly stoked about helping to cut the hair bows with scissors (with my help of course). Getting to dictate which colors to use was also a big hit. This kept us entertained for a good half hour, and we’ve got some added gear for our dress up box! Score.ribbon bracelets

Friend Photos

In my quest to becoming a better photographer, I decided it was time to take my show on the road. So I enlisted a friend with two adorable boys to be my guinea pigs. My Girl was happy to have the modeling day off, I do believe.

I’ve been needing to work on my focusing skills with moving subjects – like a three year old and an eleven month old on the move. By using my burst mode and back button focus, things are beginning to improve. Eyes are looking crisper in some (but not all!) of my shots. I’m experimenting in Lightroom as well – hence the different variations of editing.

Here are the results!
friend photos

friend photos from hair teasing and hair bows

friend photos from hair teasing and hair bows

friend photos from hair teasing and hair bows

friend photos from hair teasing and hair bows

friend photos from hair teasing and hair bows

This one is not technically sound, but I love love love his eyes catching the dog’s attempt!friend photos from hair teasing and hair bows